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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

sportsFox 1.10 March Madness Edition

SportsFox 1.10 is now available. And it's just in time for March Madness. Thanks to the approvers at for the super quick turn around.

I see a couple of problems that need to be fixed:

  • Women's College Basketball seems to be doing something strange. I swear it worked last night at 11pm EST. But it's not working today at 10AM.
  • NBA and College BBall: Do not show "Final" at the end of the games.
  • NHL: Something strange is going on with the scores sometimes. It's including a bunch of HTML in the status of the game.
  • College Football and NFL I'm not really worried about right now since their season hasn't begun.
I might have some time to work on those problems soon. But as long as Men's College Basketball and NBA are working, most people are probably happy, right? :-)

UPDATE: I see what's happening with Women's College Basketball. There is actually no data for today. Last night ESPN was showing games for Saturday on their website. Today they are no longer displaying for today. So that should not be a problem.


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