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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

sportsFox Being Updated

I have started cleaning up the code a little to get it up to "code" to be approved. It actually isn't as much of a re-write when I actually got into it. I did combine 3 javascript files into one though, because I couldn't figure out how to get them all to work with the new coding standards/methodology.

Basically, if I have 3 javascript files and I want all of them to belong to the same "package", how do I do that? Because if I code each of them the same way, the initial declaration in one package seems to blow away the declaration of another. And the same with the "pub"lic vars. I will have to see if there is some forum discussing this. I'm sure there is.

The code is actually kind of cool for javascript. Now if there was only a javascript IDE with Intellisense. That would be awesome!

The basic code that I am using  Mark Ziesemer came up with.  It basically lets me "wrap up" all of my "loose" javascript variables into a namespace and then access just the ones I make public from the XUL Chrome.  It's pretty cool.  Here is Mark's example:

if(!com) var com={};
if(!com.ziesemer) com.ziesemer={};

com.ziesemer.myPackage = function(){
var pub = {}; = "visitor";
pub.greeting = "hello " +;
pub.alertHello = function(){
return pub;


of couse com.ziesemer belongs to Mark, so your should be "com.yourname" or whatever..

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